Cleaning Pleat Drapes

In order to keep your pinch pleat drapes looking as good as new you have to learn the proper maintenance that they need. One of the best things about them is that cleaning them is much easier then it would be to clean blinds. They will not break on you and as long as you follow the right instructions they will look brand new and not faded.

It is wise to clean your drapes as little as possible. There is only so much that cleaning can do and when washed too many times it will eventually fade and become worn. The most common method to cleaning them when needed is to dry clean them. Make sure that they company you use has experience with drapes and will be able to get the job done without damaging them in the process.

Before you go with a dry cleaner you need to ask them specific questions. Ask them if they outsource their work to other people or if they are able to clean it themselves. To make things easier you can use your phone book to find ones that advertise their specialty in cleaning drapes and curtains.

Ask them what temperature they use to clean the drapes. Because heat can damage drapes you need to make sure that it is below 130 degrees. Also make sure that you show them the drapes to that they know what type of fabric they are cleaning and how they intend to do it.

While washing it too many times can cause it to become worn we do suggest that you keep up on it in another way. You should clean your drapes with your vacuum on a regular basis. Using your hose and brush attachment you can remove all of the dust that has attached itself to it. Be gentle while you do this. If you do not have a vacuum then you can always use a damp, soft cloth. Remember to not put anything but water on the cloth or it might leave stains.

It is best to have drapes that have been lined because this will help to protect them from heat damage. Heat damage is the number one source that can cause serious damage to the drapes. If yours do not have lining then we suggest you get some as soon as possible. You will find that they will last twice as long and will not shrink due to the UV rays.