Hanging Pleat Drapes

Out of all the window treatments that we are able to choose from why is it that many of us opt for pinch pleated drapes? We believe that these are so much better when compared to any types of blinds that you are able to use because they are elegant, easy to clean, and some of the best to use in any type of home.

Another great advantage to using them is that they are some of the easiest to install and hang on your windows. Although it may seem that there are many steps involved in the process because of all of the hooks and pieces it is quite simple. All you need are the right tools, patience, and a small amount of time from your day,

  • You must first lay out the drapes on a flat surface that is clean. It is easier to lay them on a bed. Make sure that the liner or the back of the drapes is facing upwards.
  • Stop at each of the pinch pleats and place a pin hook or a quick hook inside of it. When placing in the pin hooks you need to slide the sharp pin with the point facing up and underneath the stitches inside of the pleat. Make sure to do this till the pin is hidden underneath the fabric and all you see is the hook.
  • When using quick hooks you will need to slide the double prong teeth round the sides of the pleat. The bottom of the hook should be at the bottom of the pleat and all you should see is the hook.
  • Now all you need to do is to mount the drapes. You will do this by setting each hook over the rod you wish to use or into the drapery holes in the rod.
  • Once they are all hung you will be able to choose to let them hang freely in front of the window or to pull them to the side with special ties. These ties usually come available with the pinch pleat drapes that you have purchased or even made for yourself. They should match the drapes exactly.