Lined Pinch Pleat Drapes

There are many different types of pinch pleat drapes that you are able to choose from. The trick is to find the one that works best in your home and to learn those advantages. Although they all offer a certain measure of privacy none is more popular than lined pinch pleat drapes.

These are considered to be some of the more elegant types that you are able to purchase and have the ability to give your home a great look to it. These are usually much larger and rather than using single panels on either side they help to drape around the front and back of the rod. They can simply be pulled to the side using simple straps that match the style and color of the drapes that you have chosen to use.

Most of them are also designed to fall all the way to the floor. This is part of what makes them appear so elegant in the home they are being used in. You will be able to find these in a variety of materials, styles, patterns, and colors that will work well in your classic or contemporary home.

Another difference between lined pinch pleat drapes and the standard types of drapes is the sheer lining that lies in front of the window when the larger drapes are open. This allows for more privacy during the daytime hours when you do not feel comfortable with the open window and nothing in front of it.

The sheer lining is also great at helping to control the amount of sun that is being let into the house. Because of this it will help to keep it at the temperature that is comfortable for you and to control your electric bills. With the proper care these types of pinch pleat drapes are able to last for ten years or more.