Make Your Own Drapes

Pinch pleat drapes are an excellent addition to any home and is why so many of us are trying to get our hands on them. While they are easy to find in the color and size that we want it can sometimes be hard for many of us to afford the amount that we need.

Many homes have ten or more windows and trying to purchase drapes for each one can cause the price to run high. When this happens why not think outside the box and save money by making your own drapes?

If you know how to sew then it is possible to make them. The first thing you need to do is decide on the fabric that you want. You can use any that is lying around the house that you have been trying to reuse or you can purchase something from the fabric store. Make sure it has all the right colors and will compliment the room it is in.

In order to make them you will need to sew the curtain panels and add any weights to increase the way in which the fabric will hang. Those who do not want to use weights can always use pennies – which should be sewn into the hem of the curtain. You will find that the drapes will look much better when they have been weighted.

Make sure to turn the panels and press each one except for the top. Pull along the seam line and press them so that the lining will not show in the front after it has been put up. If you don’t want to hem the draperies you can sew the bottom edge of them close. Afterwards you will turn and press before placing the weights in.

Fold the top (that you did not touch) over half an inch and fold the fabric inside of the panel before pressing it flat. You will then sew very close to the edge as best you can. Measure the amount of self pleater tape that you need to fold over the unfinished edges. Try to cut some extra just in case. Make sure that the tape will not show when the drapes are hanging. Cut the header piece for the different panels.

Sew the pleat tape onto the panel and make sure to cover each row of stitches a quarter inch from the top. Sew all four side. Make sure to do this for each panel.

To form your pinch pleats you need to pull up the header and make three pleats for three pronged hooks or two pleats for two double hooks. Push the hooks into the pockets. For a better effect you can skip one or two pockets in between the pleats. Hang on a drapery rod.