Sheer Pinch Pleat Drapes

One of the best things about using pinch pleat drapes is the ability it gives us to have the privacy that we need and want in our home. It is great to have curtains that can be pulled back to allow in the sun that is able to light up our home. But at the same time it can be dangerous because it allows burglars to come into our home easily when they can plainly see that no one is home.

With sheer pinch pleat drapes this problem is gone. These are the standard types of pinch pleat drapes that come available in two panels. While they do have the ability to be pulled back to either side if you should want to – they are made with special material that makes it see through.

This allows the sunlight to stream in (to a certain degree) – but not to allow people to look in unless they were to trey to get right in front of the window. Even then it would be very difficult to see anything clearly beyond the sheer drape that sits in front of the window.

Because they are sheer the most common color that they are available in is white. This is a very neutral and yet bright color to use in your home when you still would like some sun to seep through. However, some stores will be able to offer these sheer drapes in other colors that are light. It is possible to purchase some that are dark – like black – but this would make it hard for any sun to come through and will keep your house very dark through the day.

These are also some of the simplest forms of the pinch pleat drapes because they are not offered in a variety of patterns. However, they are able to be used in most rooms. Children especially love to use the more colorful sheer pinch pleat drapes and you can feel safe in knowing that no one can look through them at night.