Silk Pinch Pleat Drapes

When choosing the right type of pinch pleat drapes you must first consider many different things. One of these includes the size it should be, what style you want it to be, and what pattern it should have. If you want to have more choices you can go so far as to decide on what material it should use.

There are many different types of materials that are used when making pinch pleat drapes. Some are thick while others are so soft and light that they you are able to see right through them. One of the most elegant types that is very soft to the touch are silk pinch pleat drapes.

These types of pinch pleat drapes are some of the most elegant that you will ever be able to find and use in your home. You would think that because of how lightweight it is that it would be used to make the sheer pinch pleat drapes. However, they are not thin enough to be see through – but not thick enough to be too heavy.

Many companies will offer silk pinch pleat drapes in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns that could rival most others. Although they are not sheer some of the lighter types are able to allow some light in if you wish to keep them closed. However, they would work best with the lined pinch pleat drapes. This will allow you to keep them open during the day and closed at night for privacy.

Because they use silk you can expect these to be some of the most expensive to use in your home. Also cleaning is something that is very delicate. Although you are still able to vacuum them from time to time (very gently) we recommend that if you have to wash them you send them to a dry cleaner.