Why Drapes Are Best

There are literally dozens of window treatments that people will use when decorating their homes – but many will use drapes. If you are not yet convinced that they are better then the many types of blinds or other curtains than it is time we told you why they are the best to use.


We think that the most important thing about pinch pleat drapes is how they have the ability to turn a boring room into an elegant room. The fabrics and materials used to make them are custom to your look and are simply gorgeous when you choose the right colors and patterns.


Many curtains are beautiful – but they are also sheer. While they let in the light during the daylight hours they also allow people to see inside during the night. With drapes you are able to give yourself some privacy by easily closing them shut. It takes no time at all to close them and re-open them in the morning time.


We are all trying to find little ways in which we can save the energy we use in our home. These window treatments are very energy efficient because the lining of the drapes are made with 50% insulation. Blinds only offer 10%.

Easy Maintenance

How many times have we struggles to clean blinds and failed at it? They bend, twist, and break on us as we try to remove the dust that seems to cling to it with all its might. With drapes you won’t be able to see the dust and when they are dirty all you need to do is have them washed or dry cleaned. Sometimes you can simply vacuum them and they look good as new.


Blinds can be easily broken by children why pull them back to see out the windows. But drapes are very durable and can last for years before you have to replace them. They are thick – which makes them difficult to tear and even if they do you can easily sew it back together instead of having to replace it.